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To realize their promise of offering quality and convenient living at Camella Balanga, Camella Homes has incorporated modern features and amenities within this community. As mentioned earlier, the house designs in Camella Balanga are Italian-inspired so you can expect that sense of grandeur and elegance with every single home in this community. You can also enjoy a wide range of lifestyle amenities that would complement the look and feel of this community.

One of the primary features of an exclusive community is a topnotch security. Hence, you can expect the same with this house and lot community by Camella Homes. A gated community entrance is a typical feature you would find in an exclusive community such as this. In addition to that, there is also a 24/7 roving security system in place. You can therefore feel secure knowing that the entire community premise is well guarded so your family can enjoy living with a peace of mind.

Another way in which the developers and property managers at Camella Balanga has maintained that sense of grandeur true to the brand’s name is in the landscaped areas. There are plenty of them throughout this community, which would make you feel like you’ve been transported to an Italian resort town. There are lots of green spaces and fresh blooms to make you feel relaxed when you wake up to these views.

Since Camella Balanga is a master-planned community, it can also offer homeowners the benefit of the basic facilities and services. While the modern and lifestyle amenities are good to have, it is important that the most basic needs of your family are not neglected. An example of it is the concrete paved roads throughout the entire community. The paved roads are also paired with concrete perimeter fence so that no one can get access to the community without permission. The drainage for the entire community is also built in an underground system to ensure convenience to every homeowner, as well as to prevent flooding in case of heavy rains.

Since the development area for Camella Balanga is 10 hectares in size, homeowners can utilize the shuttle services available within this community. This shuttle service has designated drop off points that you can follow so you can get to your home more conveniently. This is one of the unique services available only to this community, as well as other developments from Camella Homes.

There are more features and amenities available at Camella Balanga to make your living experience improved and more convenient. For example, there is a clubhouse that can be used for social gatherings and special events. Like the homes in this community, the clubhouse also features a beautiful Italian design theme. There is also a swimming pool that you can use any time and any day you want. For the kids, there is a playground area or park available for them to use at their disposal. Finally, there is a full sized ball court that is suitable for those who would like to stay active.

  • Mutipurpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
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